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Domestic Violence

Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney Defends Accused Individuals

Nevada lawyer advises people charged with abusing a spouse or partner

Domestic violence allegations brought by a spouse, intimate partner or other member of a close relationship are taken seriously by Nevada authorities. Police are required to arrest individuals accused of this type of conduct within 24 hours of the report. Even a first conviction for domestic violence battery could result in a jail term of up to six months. This is in addition to potential civil sanctions, which could prevent a parent from seeing their children or place other restrictions on his or her freedom. At Miley Law Firm in Las Vegas, I have defended clients accused of domestic violence and other offenses for more than 25 years. By going beyond what’s in the police report and determining what actually occurred, I work to help individuals avoid unfair punishment.

Established firm outlines the elements of domestic violence claims

Domestic violence covers a group of crimes where the alleged victim and perpetrator are:

  • Current or former spouses
  • In a dating relationship, or previously dated
  • Related through blood or marriage
  • Current or former roommates
  • Co-parents of one or more children
  • A child of any one of these parties or a child whose legal guardian is any of these parties

As an accomplished Nevada criminal defense attorney, I am capable of handling any type of litigation where some has been accused of domestic violence, including charges of:

  • Assault and battery — Nevada has a specific law against battery connected with domestic violence. A first offense within a seven-year period results in a jail sentence running from two days to six months and community service of between 48 and 120 hours. Repeat offenders are subject to harsher punishment.
  • Sexual assault — Even when parties are married or in a sexual relationship, nonconsensual acts can be prosecuted as sex crimes and domestic violence.
  • Stalking and harassment — It is important to remember that a finding of domestic violence does not require actual physical contact. Stalking, unlawful coercion or any “knowing, purposeful or reckless course of conduct intended to harass the other person” qualifies under Nevada law. This standard can be very subjective, so if you believe you’ve been unfairly targeted, my firm will strongly challenge the allegation.
  • Other crimes — You might not associate stealing or trespassing with violence, but when acts like these are seemingly aimed at tormenting someone with whom the defendant has a relationship, they can be considered domestic violence. This also goes for harm done to someone’s pet.

Nevada requires police to make an arrest when domestic violence is reported, even if the responding officer doesn’t fully understand what occurred. In addition to other penalties, a misdemeanor or felony domestic violence conviction can infringe upon your rights, affecting child custody arrangements and preventing you from purchasing a gun. If you were acting in self-defense or the purported victim did not accurately portray what happened, it’s important to stand up for yourself.

Knowledgeable litigator assists clients opposing restraining orders

After a domestic violence arrest, the complainant might also initiate a civil action seeking an order that prevents the accused individual from going certain places. The restraining order might also bar someone from communicating with the alleged victim and others, possibly even the defendant’s children. My firm is committed to learning your side of the story and challenging the imposition of a restraining order that is not supported by the facts. If untrue charges are made due to an emotional divorce or some other relationship problem, I am here to show present the real story to the court.

Contact a seasoned Nevada lawyer to defend against a domestic violence charge

Miley Law Firm assists Nevada residents accused of domestic violence. To make an appointment for a meeting at our Las Vegas office, please call 702-850-3600 or contact me online.

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  • ""Wow!! Mr. Miley was amazing. His office ladies are awesome as well. He more than took care of my citation. I can’t thank him enough. In Las Vegas it’s hard to find an honest attorney. Well he is more than that as he treats you like a real person. Thank you!" " - Michelle H.

  • "They made a difficult situation (divorce) easier to deal with. All of the staff are polite and professional." " - Marie M

  • "This law firm helped me tremendously. I ended up in a really nasty Divorce battle that scared the heck out of me. Miley was extremely confident and understood the law (and what protected me) and he put a plan together that got me the exact results he said it would. His office Manager Pam was as professional as they get. She always answered my calls and she was very prompt with whatever needed to be done (filing motion paperwork, mailings, etc). The work this team did was worth every dollar I spent." - ognewwavy

  • "Mr. Miley has handled my child custody case for years and I can always count on him to always do a great job and I trust him. I recommend him without any doubt. He will do a phenomenal job." - Freddie Mateo jr

  • "I met with Miley on two occasions once for a consultation the other to decide if I'd use his service. Miley comes off as a strong attorney that will get you remedy(like most attorneys) which is good bc they want new clients. His staff is friendly & professional when it comes to there client needs. However, I never used Miley Law Firm because at each meeting I felt rushed as if Miley wasn't listening to what I needed achieved but wanted me to pay to get started. That was a problem for me my situation was very complex and needed to be evaluated thourghly to represent me. I didn't see Miley doing that in fact all I saw coming was invoices in the near future from Miley not breaking my case down strategically. " - Paris Baker

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