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Experienced. Reputable. Knowledgeable. Criminal Defense & Family Law Attorney Serving Las Vegas, Nevada Since 2002
About the Firm

Las Vegas Criminal Defense and Family Lawyer Provides Strong Counsel

Nevada law firm assists accused individuals and divorcing spouses

Anyone facing a criminal charge or embroiled in a family legal crisis is bound to be concerned with what the future holds, but an accomplished lawyer can provide the support you need to move forward with confidence and maximize the likelihood of a positive outcome. Whether you’ve been arrested, are going through a divorce or are looking to assist your child in a juvenile justice matter, the Miley Law Firm can help. I have the knowledge and determination to assert your rights effectively. From your first meeting with me, you can count on receiving trustworthy advice and dedicated advocacy.

Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer safeguards fundamental rights

For more than 20 years, Nevada clients have relied on me and recommended my work to others because of my:

  • Skillful trial advocacy — I am familiar with area courts and have successfully advocated for clients in both criminal defense and family law proceedings.
  • Strong track record — By handling each case with the utmost professionalism and care, my firm has established a formidable reputation throughout the community.
  • Effective negotiation — Drawing on my legal knowledge and experience, I prepare thoroughly for negotiations and frequently help the people I represent secure a positive outcome while avoiding unnecessary hassle and expense.

Acting promptly and getting sound advice once a legal issue arises helps you understand your rights and find the solution that works best.

Areas of Practice

Las Vegas family law attorney advises on custody, alimony and child support

Throughout Clark County, my firm represents clients facing legal challenges related to:

  • Criminal defense — An accomplished criminal defense attorney, I handle all types of misdemeanor and felony actions for Nevada residents and visitors who have been accused of crimes such as theft and white collar offenses. This includes litigating in state and federal courts, assisting juveniles facing misconduct charges and pursuing expungements for those who wish to clear their record.
  • Family law — For family law concerns involving marriage dissolution, paternity and parenting matters, legal separation and prenuptial agreements, you can trust me to provide knowledgeable guidance.
  • Defense against violent crime charges — If you have been accused of a sex crime, assault, gun charge or another charge stemming from an alleged incidence of violence, I challenge the evidence brought against you and press to achieve a dismissal, acquittal or favorable plea agreement. This includes situations where domestic violence is alleged.
  • Divorce — Whether your divorce is bitter or uncontested, my firm pursues fair terms for issues such as alimony and property distribution. For parents who are ending their marriage, I’ll give the utmost care to concerns about child custody, visitation and support. With decades of experience, I understand the unique aspects of each case and advise on particular concerns related to same-sex divorce as well as breakups where the marital estate is substantial.
  • DUI defense — My firm defends motorists who have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs such as marijuana. Regardless of whether your charge is a first offense or you risk the increased penalties associated with multiple convictions, I take on overzealous authorities and seek justice for Nevada drivers.
  • Drug crimes — Sentences for drug crimes can run for several years even on a possession charge. In cases stemming from the use, distribution, trafficking and possession of controlled dangerous substances, my firm offers strong counsel.

When your freedom or the welfare of your family is at stake, the choices you make could have a profound effect on your future. Whatever circumstances exist in your situation, I am committed to achieving the result you seek.


Speak with a Nevada attorney regarding your criminal defense or family law issue

The Miley Law Firm in Las Vegas represents Nevada clients in criminal defense and family law matters. To discuss your situation and legal options, please call 702-850-3600 or contact me online.

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  • Top Las Vegas Divorce Lawyer

    Edward R. Miley and his law firm of Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers are here to serve you in various areas of well-practiced counsel. When looking for the proper criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas, you need experience, knowledge and professionalism.

Client Testimonials
  • ""Wow!! Mr. Miley was amazing. His office ladies are awesome as well. He more than took care of my citation. I can’t thank him enough. In Las Vegas it’s hard to find an honest attorney. Well he is more than that as he treats you like a real person. Thank you!" " - Michelle H.

  • "They made a difficult situation (divorce) easier to deal with. All of the staff are polite and professional." " - Marie M

  • "This law firm helped me tremendously. I ended up in a really nasty Divorce battle that scared the heck out of me. Miley was extremely confident and understood the law (and what protected me) and he put a plan together that got me the exact results he said it would. His office Manager Pam was as professional as they get. She always answered my calls and she was very prompt with whatever needed to be done (filing motion paperwork, mailings, etc). The work this team did was worth every dollar I spent." - ognewwavy

  • "Mr. Miley has handled my child custody case for years and I can always count on him to always do a great job and I trust him. I recommend him without any doubt. He will do a phenomenal job." - Freddie Mateo jr

  • "I met with Miley on two occasions once for a consultation the other to decide if I'd use his service. Miley comes off as a strong attorney that will get you remedy(like most attorneys) which is good bc they want new clients. His staff is friendly & professional when it comes to there client needs. However, I never used Miley Law Firm because at each meeting I felt rushed as if Miley wasn't listening to what I needed achieved but wanted me to pay to get started. That was a problem for me my situation was very complex and needed to be evaluated thourghly to represent me. I didn't see Miley doing that in fact all I saw coming was invoices in the near future from Miley not breaking my case down strategically. " - Paris Baker

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